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Policy No: 1 – Customer Services; courtesy, communication, consistency & complaints

Policy No: 2 – Equality & Diversity; General, discrimination, direct & indirect, age, duty, harassment, gender reassignment

Policy No: 3 – Complaints Procedure; Making a complaint, investigation, access to info

Policy No: 4 – Sources of Temporary Workers; Initial registration process, recruitment policy, CRB, equality & diversity

Policy No: 5 – Induction & Training of Temporary workers; Basic life support, manual handling, fire safety, H & S 1974-1999, COSHH, RIDDOR, infection control, chain of infection, cleaning of spillages, lone worker, handling of violence, food safety, POVA

Policy No: 6 – Safeguarding Temporary workers against abuse, or other harm; What is harassment, acts of harassment

Policy No: 7 – Criminal Records checks (CRB); What you must and must not do

Policy No: 8 – Car usage & insurance for work related purposes; What you must and must not do

Policy No: 9 – Handling of Disclosures; Policy statement, handling of disclosures

Policy No: 10 – Personal Planning & Development (CPD); Training & compliance, complaints & exclusions, feedback, annual review, objectives & outcomes

Policy No: 11 – Lone Workers

Policy No: 12 – Uniform expectations

Policy No: 13 – Dealing with Difficult behaviours

Policy No: 14 – Cultural awareness, anti-discrimination

Policy No: 15 – Involvement in wills & estates of clients; What is expected of you, what you must and must not do

Policy No: 16 – Staff identification; Austeens name badge

Policy No: 17 – Smoking & alcohol

Policy No: 18 – Harasment; When, training acts of harassment, identifying potential areas

Policy No: 19 – Incident reporting; Scope definitions, legal requirements, incident categories, info & training, employee & temporary worker responsibilities, monitoring & revision management, performance standards appendices

Policy No: 20 – Anti Fraud, Anti theft & anti corruption; Our rules, expected behaviour, prevention detection, procedure for referring to the police, training conclusion, how Austeens deal with allegations, our commitment to ethical business behaviour, how a complaint will be dealt with

Policy No: 21 – HIV & Aids; Definitions, agency workers, service users

Policy No: 22 – COSHH

Policy No: 23 – Infection Control; MRSA, Clostridium

Policy No: 24 – Use & Storage of medicines; MARS

Policy No: 25 – Safe administration of intravenous drugs, by registered nurses within the domiciliary setting; Guidelines

Policy No: 26 – Prevention & Detection of abuse

Policy No: 27 – Safeguarding of children & Vulnerable adults; Recruitment processes, independent safeguarding authority, CRB, POVA, ISA

Policy No: 28 – Withdrawing a service from a client; What you must do, solutions, actual withdrawal

Policy No: 29 – Occupational Health Policy & Procedures; Procedures for Occupational health, aims, purpose, scope, policy responsibilities, disability discrimination, data protection act 1988, the organisation

Policy No: 30—Staff appraisal policy