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Our objective is to provide our users with the highest standard of staff on either long term or short term basis;

We believe that our users should be able to request cover on an ad-hoc emergency cover basis, that they should be able to expect a fast response at Austeens we guarantee a call back within the hour. Our Users should expect all the staff to be highly vetted and experienced, all Austeens staff undergoes continuous professional development (CPD) and regular training to ensure that we continue to deliver the highest quality of service. This training includes Health & Safety, CPR, Child & Adult protection and policy validation including areas such as medication, complaints etc.

All Austeens staff will wear a uniform of either a tunic or polo shirt, sporting the Austeens Logo unless your particular requirements request otherwise, and all staff will carry about their person a tamper-proof identification badge containing their photo so that they are easily identifiable by you.

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