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CV Tips

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A CV  (curriculum Vitae) is the first introduction about you that any prospective employer or Recruitment Consultant will read before considering short-listing you for any interview. It is therefore important that you give the right first impression and present your experience in the best possible way.

In the current market an employer could have hundreds of CV’s in response to one single job, and because of this they will scan CV’s quickly before short-listing them for a more thorough read, prior to the main short-listing. Unless you make yours stand out it may not even make the first stage of short-listing, no matter how suitable you are for the role itself.



Because a CV is so important in today’s market The Austeens Team of consultants have put their heads together to come up with a 10 tips for helping you to write the CV that will hopefully get you ahead in the game……..


First impressions matter, if a CV is badly laid out or hard to read, a potential employer may not even take the time to read through it. Always use standard font (Arial, Times new Roman) and stick with this, also keep the font size within reason (size 10/12) large sections of text can be off putting to the reader, ensure you add breaks and don't waffle, bullet points can be good but don't over do them.

2. Layout
3. Contact details
4. Relevance
5. Work backwards
6. Be Positive
7. Short  & Sweet
8. Don’t Lie
9. Include a Covering Letter
10. Spell Check & Proof Read